Dental Crown fixing in Lafayette LA

Dental crowns are also known as caps because they are designed to completely cover natural teeth. Often made of tooth-colored materials such as porcelain or gold, crowns can improve the aesthetics as well as the function of your smile. Our dentists may place a dental crown to:

  • Correct a tooth that is misaligned or uneven
  • Restore a damaged or decayed tooth
  • Complete a dental implant
  • Protect a tooth that has received a root canal treatment
  • Give you a more beautiful smile
  • Change the color, size, and shape of a tooth
  • Close spaces between teeth
  • Fixing fractured or cracked teeth with large, old fillings

Crowns are custom-made for you and can be placed in as few as two appointments at Gonsoulin Dentistry. When in place, they will be a beautiful and natural-looking addition to your smile, allowing you to eat normally again. Please call or visit our office in Lafayette today if you are interested in learning more about dental crowns or the benefits of general dentistry. We look forward to answering your questions!