Teeth Whitening in Lafayette LA

With professional teeth whitening, our dentists can give you the radiant smile you deserve. At Gonsoulin Dentistry in Lafayette, we provide cosmetic custom whitening trays that allow you to remove unwanted tooth stains in the comfort of your own home. These whitening trays can be used to effective removed stains caused by:

  • Food
  • Wine, coffee, tea, and soda
  • Aging
  • Fluorosis
  • Tobacco use
  • Certain medications

Because our whitening trays are created from impressions of your teeth, they will be comfortable and fitted to you alone. After using the whitening trays for just two weeks, most people are amazed by the results! We invite you to contact us soon if you would like a more brilliant and radiant smile. We will be happy to help you learn if custom take-home whitening is right for you!