Fluoride Treatment Lafayette, LA

Bacteria are always present in the mouth. Acids are produced by these bacteria when you eat sugar and other carbohydrates. Acids cause the minerals in your teeth to dissolve, weakening your enamel. Weakened enamel makes your teeth vulnerable to cavities. Fluoride, known as nature’s cavity fighter, is a naturally occurring mineral. Fluoride found in water and food can help stop tooth decay and make the tooth enamel more resistant to future acid attacks. If additional protection is needed, fluoride can also be topically applied to the teeth by a dentist or other dental professional. However, fluoride intake above the recommended level for a child’s age creates a risk of enamel fluorosis, which is a chalky white or brown discoloration of the permanent teeth. Being aware of a child’s potential sources of fluoride, including fluoride application, water supply, and fluoride vitamins, can help parents prevent fluorosis from occurring.